Services for Collector, Corporations and Public Institutions.

Due to longtime experience and contacts within the international art market we provide professional and individually aligned art services:

  • Consultancy in composition of art collections (Personal fit, investment perspective, short-mid-long-term strategies)
  • Consultancy in enlargement of art collections
  • Art investment strategies
  • Virtual hanging/ Rent an artwork
  • Framing/ Agency of special art transports/ Insurance
  • Appraisal/ Value survey
  • Inventory / Cataloging / Art historical research
  • Analysis of artwork condition/ Restoration
  • Consultancy in Art & Taxation
  • Consultancy and realisation of ‘Art in Public Space’ projects
  • Consultancy in Sponsoring
  • Workshop to analyse the corporate communication and development of a unique communication strategy supported by art
  • Management training to extend horizons