- ‘The Fall’ summer group show

07.02. - 21.02.2019

Locust Jones, ‘Green Light in the Age of Extinction’, 2018, ink on paper, 125 x 800 cm

DMG’s summer group show ‘The Fall’ focuses on the theme of failure, looking at how artists often reach towards something that can never be grasped. These artists embrace doubt and elusive moments in their work, producing an unpredictable beauty that reflects on the human spirit. Curated by Alanna Irwin, the participating artists include Marion Borgelt, Lottie Consalvo, Emma Fielden, Liam Garstang, Francisco de Goya, Locust Jones, Kirtika Kain, Desmond Lazaro, Dani Marti, Wendy Miller, Sara Morawetz, Kevin Osmond, Andrew Rogers, Kei Takemura, Claudia Terstappen, Stefan Thiel and Natasha Walsh. Exhibition check list

Media player for Emma Fielden’s work provided by Lūpa.

Piers Greville - DMG / VCA Award 2018

07.02. - 21.02.2019

Piers Greville, ‘River object’, 2018, oil and wax on concrete board, 90 x 120 cm