Lucas Davidson - Untitled (Flat screens)

07.05. - 30.05.2015

In Untitled (Flat screens) Lucas Davidson dissembles and reassembles found flat screens to examine our contemporary obsession with screen-based technologies.

With an aesthetic that echoes Rauschenbergian ‘combines’, Davidson uses his found technologies to push the constraints of the 16:9 format. Rather than championing narrative or the moving image, as typically found in screen-based work, his approach to the medium is tactile and formalist in sensibility. The large-scale objects carve through space, protruding from the gallery walls and floor, shifting the role of the screen as window or frame.

Davidson’s screen-based assemblages hold a tension. The white noise ‘snow’ of analogue television is made purposefully digital, filling the space with a perpetual audiovisual static. The exposed electrified sculptures make dangerous the touchable or personalised nature of the familiar devices. The screens innards are drawn out, destroying the illusionary power of technology and our willingness to suspend disbelief.

In drawing attention to our dependency on digital technology, and our preference as a medium for engaging with the world around us, Davidson sees the screen as a device that displaces us. The seductive and illusionary power of the digital landscape removes us from our immediate physical environment, creating a boundary-less state that profoundly alters perception, social relations and histories.

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