- DOMINIK MERSCH GALLERY CURATOR AWARD 2015 – The gallery will be closed over the ‘Long October Weekend’ and re-open on Wednesday, October, 7th.

01.10. - 17.10.2015

Dominik Mersch Gallery is pleased to present the Dominik Mersch Gallery Curator Award 2015, supporting aspiring and emerging curators. Selected by a panel of judges including Gallery Director Dominik Mersch and guest judge Glenn Barkeley, the winning curators Bev Shroot and Louise Thoeming present their exhibition, ‘OUTSIDERS, IMPOSTERS AND ALIENS’.

‘Outsiders, Imposters and Aliens’, presents work by seven artists who consider the idea of ‘the other'; groups marginalized when the mainstream’s beliefs and interests dominate their own. The works featured encompass the feelings of alienation and detachment that human existence can bring and in many ways, suggest that we are all outsiders, pretending to be what we are not.

There will be talks from the curators and the artists on:

Saturday, 10 October at 1.30pm

Thursday, 15 October at 6pm