Curator Award

The DOMINIK MERSCH GALLERY CURATOR AWARD invites guest curators to explore their own perceptions and expertise in a one-off exhibition opportunity at DMG. The award aims to give curators a platform to realise an exhibition in a commercial gallery setting, opening up a conversation between artist represented by DMG and those they select independently. DMG urges guest curators to explore the gallery’s existing idiosyncratic themes while encouraging them to express their unique narrative and conceptual style.

The annually-selected curator(s) work with the gallery team to realise the proposed exhibition concept. Previous exhibitions that have been guest-curated at DMG include Brad Buckley and Helen Hyatt-Johnston’s ‘Couplings’ (2018), Catherine Benz’s ‘The Ancestors’ (2017),¬†Chlo√© Wolifson’ ‘tensions/translations/transitions’ (2016), and Bev Shroot and Louise Thoeming’s ‘Outsiders, Imposters and Aliens’ (2015).