Stefan Thiel 

In his works Thiel uses a binary system: he transfers photographs into silhouettes. The harsh black and white contrasts in his pictures lead to an intensified precision as well as to an aestheticism of the portrayed. Hereby their symbolic quality becomes apparent, yet again is infiltrated by Thiel’s choice of objects. He shows us everyday situations, details of the countryside and city life as well as single objects. Though scenarios may be populated, no relationships of a narrative nature are formed.

Thiel’s cut-outs illustrate facts in a rather documentary and distance way. Although they do work well as single pictures (the black only framing emphasizes the graphic unity of each picture), there always is a reference to the new series in progress. Stefan Thiel captures the flood of images in our everyday life with the aid of the intricate silhouette. We may assume that Thiel’s work will equally reach encyclopedic proportions.