Clemens Krauss 

Social hyper-complexity in contemporary times cannot be simply illustrated without resulting in one-sidedness. Clemens Krauss tries to open spaces, which allow approaches to the vulnerabilities of the individual in social, political and cultural contexts. As an artist he sees himself in the position of active participation, while significations and conclusions may remain in the beholders’ sphere of responsibility.

The series ‘Concept of Isolation’ 2013, deals with society and its predetermined breaking points and how one is able to handle that. The physical interaction takes place at different levels, exchange can happen emotionally or archaic. Like dreams or memories, the imagery is constituted freely associated. A kind of knowledge pool is formed by sexy zealots, remorse and superegos, a little homunculus indicates a potential 'It', a 'stab-in-the-back' metaphorically refers to the legendary dagger, a both society-forming and cleaving moment.

Having been exhibited extensively internationally (Seoul, Rio de Janeiro, Berlin, Stockholm, Johannesburg, Vienna, Tel Aviv and Los Angeles to mention a few), Austrian born and Berlin based Krauss also has a long standing relationship with Sydney: The residency at the Artspace Visual Art Center in Wooloomooloo in 2007 and the remarkable presentation of his work “Large Self Portrait” at the Art Gallery of New South Wales in 2009 as well as an artist in residency in 2011 at the National Art School in Sydney. ‘Like Memory Works’, at the DOMINIK MERSCH GALLERY is Krauss’ fourth solo exhibition in Sydney.