Group Show - 'Bildhauen'

21.08. - 13.09.2014

Sculpture Show

OPENING: 21.08.14, 6-8 PM

EXHIBITIONS DATES: 21.08 – 13.09.14

DOMINIK MERSCH GALLERY is pleased to present BILDHAUEN, a group show of contemporary sculpture artists. BILDHAUEN, titled from the German word for “sculpture, a form of three-dimensional art using several techniques”, is precisely this. DOMINIK MERSCH GALLERY will be presenting a ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’, with works representing an array of sculptural techniques from kinetic, soundscape, architecture to masonry, materialised through a collection of diverse and unexpected forms.

BILDHAUEN explores material, form, technique and spatial context through the boundless visual language of sculpture to create a new and groundbreaking spatial experience in the gallery’s converted loft-space. BILDHAUEN is DOMINIK MERSCH GALLERY’s first entirely sculpture focused show, making it one of very few commercial galleries in Sydney to take bold steps into traversing this infinitely malleable and increasingly prominent form of contemporary art.

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